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Protect Neighborhoods

One thing we should all agree on: Sacramento shouldn’t tell San Diegans how to live.

Barrio Logan, North Park, Mission Valley, Ocean Beach, Carmel Valley, and the list goes on. Each of these neighborhoods is full of history, character, and a unique community character that, together, make us a diverse and special City.

My first priority will always be to keep every community safe and healthy.

And I will always recognize, protect, and respect the rights of our communities to resist inappropriate development.

Our obligation to invest in parks, streets, libraries, public safety, and fire stations.

Our duty to clean streets, storm drains and canyons.

Our need for top-quality police, fire, lifeguard and paramedic services.

Our opportunity for better transportation options so there are convenient alternatives to automobile use.

And our job to protect neighborhoods from incompatible uses – like mini-hotel short-term rentals – that undermine quality of life for residents and reduce housing stock for our children.

My opponent’s “solution” to the affordable housing problem is to support Sacramento's “YIMBY” movement (Yes In My Backyard). He and his YIMBY allies want to transfer power and control over the future of your home and our neighborhoods to Sacramento politicians, high-rise developers and greedy Silicon Valley speculators.

I disagree.

I will preserve every San Diego neighborhood’s right to protect the future of their home and their neighborhood by keeping local planning local.

I am walking neighborhoods all over San Diego with local residents to talk about the issues, problems and ideas for real solutions.

Find YOUR Neighborhood!

Don't see your neighborhood? Book a walk with me today!

Barbara Bry in City Heights

I believe that government can work for ALL people if elected officials just take the time to listen to community members, and treat everyone with equity and respect.

If you honor me with your vote for Mayor, I can only promise you this: I will always be open with you about my ideas and conscious of the fact that my ideas will only get better by listening to yours.

Barbara Bry in East Village

Years of misguided policy that only focused on "Housing" our homeless population have made the problem worse.  That's why the streets continue to be filled with people experiencing chronic homelessness. I've earned the endorsement of Father Joe because we agree that San Diego needs a data-driven, holistic approach that focuses on the root causes of homelessness, like mental health and substance abuse, in addition to job training, and of course housing.

Barbara Bry in Emerald Hills

COVID-19 has severely impacted our communities of color – particularly the small businesses which hire from and serve the Emerald Hills community.

As mayor, it will be my priority to make sure that our under-represented communities have an equal opportunity to succeed in a more prosperous San Diego.

I am grateful and honored to have listened and learned from community leaders: Dr. Willie Blair, Sam Bedwell, Maresa Martin Talbert, and American Legion Post 310 Commander Joe Rush.

Protect our neighborhoods!

Barbara Bry in Mira Mesa

Mira Mesa is another neighborhood waiting for real solutions on education, public safety, and homelessness.

Leo showed me his beautiful art. I talked about my background in tech innovation and how we could apply new ways of bringing STEM education and job opportunities to San Diegans.

Listen. Learn. Lead!

Barbara Bry in Mission Beach

The only way to protect neighborhoods is to respect neighborhoods. This week, I’m walking through Mission Beach with local residents Greg Knight and Gary Wonacott. The failure to enforce Short-Term Vacation Rental laws has wreaked havoc on the community. Time to stand up for our residents!

Barbara Bry in Mission Hills

Small business owners in Mission Hills, and all over the city, are struggling because of the COVID-19 pandemic. With sharp declines in revenues, social distancing, and industry-specific limitations, their survival is in question.

As a longtime businesswoman, I know the struggle all too well. First, it’s a challenge to start and manage a business, let alone under today’s circumstances. And I know how terrifying it is to face the prospect of losing one’s livelihood and becoming unable to provide for one’s family.

As Mayor, my priorities will be to restore our local economy, get people back to work, and make sure small businesses have a future. Here is my plan for how to build a more resilient economy and a better city government. Read it. Give me feedback. Government works best when we all have a voice.

Barbara Bry in North Park

It's not just about bike lanes and small businesses. We need a representative who actually listens and talks to the residents and stakeholders to get their input before making decisions that affect the neighborhood and the neighbors who live there!

Barbara Bry in Ocean Beach

I recently walked through the historical beachfront community of Ocean Beach with local residents Glen and Alexandra – a place that has attracted millions of San Diegans and tourists alike.

It’s one of San Diego’s most unique and eclectic neighborhoods, and residents want to keep it that way!

Barbara Bry in Rancho Bernardo

This week, I met with some engaged residents in beautiful Rancho Bernardo who take pride in their schools, families, jobs, and neighborhoods. From real solutions to homelessness and housing to public safety and street maintenance, we had a chance to discuss the consequence of politicians who ignore our communities.

Let's protect our neighborhoods. No more empty promises!

Barbara Bry in San Ysidro

The families of San Ysidro and Nestor are filled with generations of San Diegans. I was fortunate to visit a few of them. From their love of family and strong work ethic to the pride they take in their community, we need to invest in and have respect for our neighbors near the border!

Barbara Bry in Webster

Every time local elections roll around, some politician tells us they will fix our streets. But as a tech entrepreneur who has run successful companies, I have the managerial experience to make sure it actually gets done.

Our sidewalks, bridges, parks, fire stations, water and sewer lines, and branch libraries are not being properly maintained. The City can’t ask neighborhoods to absorb additional density if it can’t make good on its promise to maintain and upgrade basic infrastructure.


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