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I was the first elected official to oppose the SoccerCity land grab and support SDSU West.

Why did I support SDSU West?

Because 50 years from now, Mission Valley will be home to a project that is economically, socially, and environmentally beneficial, and affirms our city’s identity as an international hub for innovation by educating thousands of San Diegans who will get good jobs and thriven our economy.

And, simply put: SoccerCity was a bad deal.

Before I was elected to the City Council, the Mayor was holding secret meetings with SoccerCity.

And, prior to the election, the City Attorney filed lawsuits in an attempt to keep the SDSU West and SoccerCity initiatives off the ballot, both of which she lost, costing taxpayers $600,000.

In the November 2018 election, San Diego voters made two things very clear when they approved the SDSU West initiative and rejected the SoccerCity initiative:

1. On SDSU West:

Voters approved a regional river park, transit-oriented development to reduce traffic, a new stadium, and research facilities.

2. On SoccerCity:

Voters rejected a bad deal that handed public land over to private developers without City Council or environmental review, and permitted a giant shopping mall generating nearly 100,000 new vehicle trips per day in already congested Mission Valley.

In March 2019, the Mayor asked for up to $2.5 million of taxpayer dollars to hire consultants who would represent the City in negotiations with SDSU potentially extending over a 5-year period!

I did my research and found that the city currently spends about $11 million a year to maintain and operate the Mission Valley stadium site. That’s over $30,000 a day in taxpayer money every day that we delay this transaction with San Diego State. We can’t afford not to move the project along in a timely manner.

After voters approved Measure G authorizing sale of the Mission Valley property to SDSU,  the Mayor and the City Attorney began "negotiating" details of the the sale behind closed doors, without letting the City Council participate in these discussions!

So, I called on the mayor:

"The negotiations regarding SDSU West should be open, transparent, and based on the actual provisions of the voter-approved initiative, which includes promised parkland, needed road improvements and less traffic.

I believe that the City and SDSU should honor the will of the voters by following these guidelines:

1. No more secrecy at City Hall
2. SDSU needs to pay fair market value
3. SDSU needs to mitigate traffic and flood concerns
4. We need to prioritize the river park

In October 2019, San Diego State University President, Adela de la Torre, offered $68 Million dollars for the Mission Valley site. I pushed back and responded with a Memo of Recommendations to improve the offer.

San Diego State University responded to my recommendations and offered $86.2 Million.

In November 2019 (more than a year after the election), the San Diego City Council voted unanimously to accept SDSU’s offer of $86.2 Million for the Mission Valley stadium site.

And finally, on January 20th, 2020, the California State University (CSU) Board of Trustees certified San Diego State University’s Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) for the university’s campus expansion in Mission Valley, and approved $350 million in bonds for the SDSU West Project.

Today, the Mayor’s Office and the City Attorney continue to drag their feet on finalizing the sale agreement, but I will continue defending the will of San Diego voters to make this project a reality.

I am proud to have stood up to the SoccerCity landgrab, and I will continue to stand up to the Mayor and the City Attorney, to get a deal done that respects the will of the voters!

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