Freedom from Fear

May 9, 2020

We should never let fear drive public policy.

Protecting public health and safety must be a top priority. But science, compassion, and common sense should be our guide out of the COVID-19 crisis.

The current guidelines released by the Governor limit our city’s ability to begin recovery by setting a threshold – no COVID-19 deaths in the County for 14 consecutive days – that County officials acknowledge cannot be achieved in a large urban county in the foreseeable future.  Our businesses are developing responsible plans for a phased reopening, consistent with state and federal guidelines. I urge the Governor to reconsider the one-size-fits-all criteria and give our city a chance to develop workable plans that both protect public health and enable appropriate businesses to reopen.

The 2020/21 City budget.

Having led the first round of budget review, I’ve identified priorities for a San Diego that is more resourceful, less wasteful, and continues to deliver the core services you deserve from local government, even in these tough times.

When it comes to San Diego’s budget, things look bad right now. But crises also offer an opportunity to re-think how we provide services and to make city government more efficient, accountable and transparent.

Here are some of my priorities:

  1. End the 101 Ash Street boondoggle – save tens of millions
  2. Complete the SDSU deal approved by voters – generating tens of millions in revenue, jobs and economic impact
  3. Provide high-speed internet citywide – ensuring remote access to resources for school children, workers and seniors
  4. Help small businesses and nonprofits get back on their feet
  5. Prioritize neighborhood services including public safety, parks, and libraries
  6. Cut unnecessary government bureaucracy (like a bloated press relations staff)
  7. Utilize empty hotel rooms to house our unsheltered neighbors and COVID-19 victims

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During these difficult times, I wish you freedom from fear. I offer you a new perspective on difficult circumstances. And I ask you to have faith in your fellow San Diegans to bounce back faster and further than ever before, together.


Lets go!

Barbara Bry
Candidate for Mayor of San Diego


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