No more “negotiations!”

May 19, 2020

While the real world keeps turning, the political world keeps spinning in place.

Four years ago, the Mayor was “negotiating” with the Chargers in public. Turns out, he was also “negotiating” with SoccerCity in private.

Three years ago, the Friends of SDSU took their case directly to the voters of San Diego.

The City Attorney didn’t like that, so she tried to block the vote on SDSU West. She lost.

Two years ago, the voters approved the SDSU West ballot measure and the new vision for Mission Valley.

Two weeks ago, SDSU delivered a final executed Purchase and Sale Agreement, after long and exhaustive negotiations.

Today, instead of putting the agreement to a council vote, the City Attorney asked us to spend $150,000 more on attorneys and consultants so they can continue “negotiations.”

Yet, in testimony, the City Attorney’s office admitted that, “the legal work is done” and that “we have received a final agreement” from SDSU.

But the voters of San Diego can’t see it and the Council can’t vote on it?

What alternative universe are we living in?

I have no idea why some of my colleagues have faith in and finances for $300/hr attorneys who are a cause of the delay, and not the solution. But I’m not that gullible with taxpayer dollars. I want to thank Councilmember Vivian Moreno for joining me in voting “No” on this nonsense.

The City is facing a $300+ million budget shortfall.


The voters want a regional river park, they want new jobs and an economic development engine, they want to give thousands of San Diego’s youth badly needed access to an expanded university campus, and they want to preserve basic municipal services by filling a giant hole in the City’s budget.

Let the Council vote. Up or down. Now.

Let’s get the deal done!

Barbara Bry
Candidate for Mayor of San Diego


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