Sacramento politicians are at it again

January 21, 2020

Several months ago, when I opposed the original version of SB 50, I called out the real interests behind this so-called “housing” measure:“They” are the corporate interests driving housing policy, and “they” are using well-meaning political activists and ambitious politicians, who have seen the housing crisis grow under their watch, to push their agenda.

“They” are the YIMBY apologists who have come after single-family neighborhoods; funding the campaigns of politicians willing to write laws that put profits before the public interest.

“They” are the Silicon Valley short-term vacation rental investors, who are depleting our housing supply; funding the campaigns of politicians willing to let laws go unenforced, even if it means taking 16,000 San Diego homes off the market in the midst of a housing supply crisis impacting both homeowners and renters.

And now, “they,” the speculators behind SB330 and a newly-revived SB50, are working to end single-family-zoning and let investors:

  • Build four-plex units in single-family neighborhoods
  • Ignore parking and affordable housing requirements, and
  • Completely ignore California environmental protections under CEQA.

How does this happen?

It doesn’t matter which side of the political aisle they are on; many politicians are unwilling to stand up to the billion-dollar special interests.

They have no experience in the real world economy, where the consequences of the decisions we make are judged by actual results.I’ve had a long career outside of politics. I have zero desire for a political one. And I won’t let special interests compromise our public safety, our housing supply, or the character of our neighborhoods.

That’s why I am the only candidate with the independence to clean up the mess at City Hall and protect our neighborhoods.

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