Sacramento politicians are attacking our neighborhoods again

July 8, 2020

89 days until voting starts

For decades, San Diegans have worked hard to accommodate growth without destroying the integrity of our neighborhoods.

Our “City of Villages” approach has won praise from planners and good government advocates across the board.

It’s not perfect, but it is a direction I believe we must maintain. Assemblyman Gloria and his YIMBY supporters propose a radical change in community planning.

Todd Gloria and his allies would abolish single-family neighborhoods and dramatically expand the right of speculators and developers to increase density in your neighborhood with no accommodation for parking, parks, schools or other infrastructure.

And which neighborhoods do you think real estate speculators will buy up first? Our most vulnerable.

Despite multiple failed efforts in Sacramento to abolish single-family zoning, Gloria is the author of Sacramento’s latest attempt to overthrow local planning.

San Diego is a collection of great neighborhoods. We can make them even better, safer, more environmentally sound. But you don’t have to choose between YIMBY and NIMBY to do it.

We just need some good old common sense.

I SUPPORT smart development on transit corridors.

I SUPPORT a comprehensive plan to address housing costs for both renters and homeowners.

I SUPPORT the rezoning of appropriate commercial properties to expand residential housing supply.

But I DO NOT SUPPORT the YIMBY legislation in Sacramento or the YIMBY examples set by cities like Seattle and Minneapolis.

I DO NOT SUPPORT the abolition of voter-approved height limits.

And I DO NOT SUPPORT the removal of 16,000 residential homes from our housing supply by the short-term vacation rental industry.

Frankly, there are some issues on which Mr. Gloria and I agree. But we could not be farther apart with respect to his enthusiastic support for the radical YIMBY agenda coming out of Sacramento.

Want to let your neighbors know how they can protect the neighborhood?

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Let’s go!

Barbara Bry
Candidate for Mayor of San Diego


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