Today’s eviction ordinance

March 25, 2020
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I have great concern for those financially impacted by the health crisis, including renters – both residential and commercial.

This health emergency has created a financial emergency. Ultimately, the federal government is the only entity that has the resources to help consumers and small businesses, and it looks like that is close to happening.  

The financial impacts of this crisis do not recognize city or county boundaries.  If every jurisdiction adopts different eviction-related ordinances, it will promote confusion and make it more difficult for our constituents to take advantage of these protections.

That is why I asked that the City ordinance more closely conform to the ordinance adopted unanimously by the County Board of Supervisors yesterday.

I’m pleased today that the City Council came together to unanimously support amendments to the originally proposed City ordinance that brought it closer to conforming with the County ordinance in a way that was careful not to jeopardize potential federal assistance for residences and businesses. I want to particularly thank Councilmember Chris Cate for offering amendments that helped us achieve that conformity.

I hope that other cities in San Diego will follow suit in providing conformity in the way local jurisdictions address this emergency

I have also asked the Governor and the State Legislature to push back the April 10 deadline for property taxes. This morning, the County Tax Collector announced that individuals can apply to waive penalties. I am asking him to execute a blanket waiver of penalties for a minimum of 60 days so that taxpayers do not need to fill out another government form during this time of emergency. This waiver could be critical for both homeowners and landlords impacted by lost revenues and fits well with the action that the City Council took today.

I pray that you all stay safe, healthy, and optimistic as we navigate these difficult times together.


Barbara Bry
Candidate for Mayor of San Diego


Read City Ordinance: Temporary Moratorium on Evictions

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