Weekly Update: Police Reform - A Major Step Forward for the City of San Diego

June 27, 2020
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We’re a Step Closer to building trust between residents and police officers in San Diego!

The idea of creating an independent police oversight body with its own legal counsel, subpoena power, and the ability to hire independent investigators makes sense. That’s why I have supported this measure since Women Occupy - San Diego introduced me to it in 2018.

And, I am excited to announce that on Tuesday, June 23, the San Diego City Council passed the “Commission on Police Practices” measure unanimously. The vote was a step in the right direction to answer the complex issues we face regarding disparate treatment by law enforcement based on race. In addition, I am honored that Andrea St. Julian, the author of this measure, has endorsed me for Mayor.

On the campaign trail, June 30th marks a very important fundraising deadline. I am the only candidate who is a true Problem-Solver, who is not a career politician, and who's not beholden to the special interests in this town.

Are you with me?

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