July 1, 2020

To everyone who contributed, spread the word, and dedicated their time hosting virtual Friendraisers: THANK YOU!

I am proud and honored to announce that we did it again!

We FAR surpassed our fundraising goal, we’ve built a broad base of support that includes thousands of San Diegans across the political spectrum, and we've proved the media and political insiders wrong (again)!

Together, we're evidence that San Diego is ready for new leadership – one that isn't afraid to stand up against Sacramento politicians, the special interests, and divisive partisan politics.

If you haven’t already, here’s another easy way to help (I’ll need you!):

  1. Host a Meet and Greet (Just round up a few friends for a virtual chat!)
  2. Become a Volunteer (Help how and when you can!)  
  3. Get a Yard Sign (Get your neighborhood on board!)

Thank you!!!!

Barbara Bry
Candidate for Mayor of San Diego

P.S. If you missed out, you can still contribute!


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