I'm Barbara Bry, and I'm running for Mayor of San Diego

Why I'm Running

San Diego Deserves Better.

I will make the tough decisions, because I am not a career politician pandering to the special interests. Before my election to the San Diego City Council, I worked more than 30 years outside of politics investigating corruption as a journalist and balancing budgets and making payrolls as a high-tech entrepreneur.

A long-term commitment to our City

Barbara Bry is President Pro Tem of the San Diego City Council representing the 1st District. She serves as Chair of the Budget and Government Efficiency Committee and as Vice Chair of the Rules Committee and the Committee on Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods.

Barbara has been contributing to our City as a journalist and a high-tech entrepreneur for over 35 years.

Full Bio

On the City Council, I have been able to challenge the status quo.

For too long, the Office of Mayor has failed to provide strong, proactive leadership for meeting these challenges and the vision we need for our City’s future.  It is time for us to get past the revolving door of political insiders if we want real change at City Hall.

Audit of the Public Utilities Dept.

Called for an independent audit of the Public Utilities Department after residents complained about higher than normal water bills but weren’t taken seriously by City bureaucrats.


Demanded Accountability

Questioned the $72 million purchase of 101 Ash Street, which the city purchased (before her election to the Council), without knowing the full costs of ownership and without a long-term real estate strategy. The building is costing taxpayers $18,000 a day, and the building will not be occupied for several more months.


Passage of SDSU West and defeat of SoccerCity

First elected official to oppose the SoccerCity land grab and to support SDSU West, because I believe that education is the best investment we can make in our city.


Fought for Workplace Equity

Started the Workplace Equity Initiative, which is bringing together small business, big business, non-profits and labor organizations to address sexual harassment and pay inequity.


Increased transparency

Led the effort for a ballot measure that increases transparency by requiring all businesses and individuals, who would benefit from city contracts to be disclosed.