Barbara Bry is a problem-solver, not a politician

Barbara Bry is a successful high-tech entrepreneur, a nonprofit leader, a mother, and a problem-solver.

Barbara is not a politician. She never expected to run for Mayor. But when she joined the City Council, she found a mess. Now, she’s set out to fix it.

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Standing Up for Our Neighborhoods

Barbara is leading the fight to reign in the Short Term Vacation Rental industry and resist Sacramento’s takeover of local land-use decisions.

Regulating Electric Scooters

Barbara stood up to the multi-billion dollar electric scooter industry and is leading the fight for regulations to get the scooters under control.

Making SDSU West a reality

Barbara was the first elected official to support SDSU West and is the leading voice on the City Council to get a deal done that is fair for taxpayers and for SDSU!

Increasing Transparency

Barbara led the effort to enact a ballot measure that requires disclosure of all businesses and individuals who benefit from city contracts.

A long-term commitment to San Diego

I will bring leadership that puts solutions for San Diegans first, prioritizes fiscal discipline, stands up to the special interests, treats all residents and communities fairly, and creates comprehensive solutions to long-standing problems.

Why I'm Running

Donna Frye

Former San Diego City Councilmember, Environmental Leader, and Open Government Advocate

“Barbara is the only Mayoral candidate that has the independence to conduct city business in an open and accountable way. She is beholden to no “special interest” and she has proven that during her time at the city council. She does what is best for the city, it’s that simple.“


We’re all in this together.  Are you interested in making real the promise of a just and fair community for all San Diegans?

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