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Environment & Climate Change

Some politicians seek to exploit climate change for political gain rather than offering realistic and thoughtful solutions.

Our challenge is to take actions that make a real difference, not just feel-good photo ops.

I support Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) so we can control our energy future, reduce utility bills and greenhouse gas emissions.

But that’s just one small step. Now we have to implement it.

That’s why now more than ever we need serious managerial leadership and business acumen in the Mayor’s office if the City is going to get involved in the multi-billion dollar business of buying and selling energy contracts.

What we can’t afford is allowing CCA’s to turn into the next pension crisis.

We need to get to work.

Let’s recycle more of the water we use to reduce our reliance on imported supplies and reduce the amount of sewage we discharge into the ocean.

Let’s build water transport systems so that San Diego ratepayers aren’t stuck with the high costs of “renting” pipes from out-of-towners.

I was a leader in adopting a ban on Styrofoam packaging at restaurants and in implementing the city’s nationally-recognized Climate Action Plan.

I can’t say it enough: This is the only environment we’ve got, so we need to protect it.

But I know that the best way to create a sustainable environment is to do the smart thing, not what makes for easy political soundbites.

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