Housing Affordability

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Making housing affordable starts with having an executive in the Mayor’s office who understands the issue.

If we don’t understand the direct consequence of bad policy and a mismanaged bureaucracy on the cost of affordable living, we can never fix the problem!

There are numerous tools for addressing our shortage of affordable housing – inclusionary zoning, tax credits, streamlined permitting, increased densities, reduced parking requirements, etc. – but there’s no single silver bullet that solves the problem, and no one-size-fits-all solution that works in every neighborhood.


We’ve already made it easier to build granny flats.  And while I disagree with the Mayor about lifting height limits citywide, I do support higher densities along established transit corridors and streamlining the review process when projects conform to adopted Community Plans.

That’s why I support accelerated completion of Community Plan updates, project-area EIRs that allow individual developments consistent with community plans to receive expedited processing and a citywide commitment to encouraging higher densities next to transportation centers.

The most important role the City can play is providing upgraded transportation and other municipal infrastructure to enhance the quality of life in every neighborhood.

"This is not about simplistic labels like NIMBY or YIMBY. I’m a strong supporter of the City’s Climate Action Plan and favor increased density along transportation corridors, but I believe these decisions should be made locally, by local elected officials, not by Sacramento politicians.”
-Barbara Bry






Senate Bill 592: A Dangerous Shift Toward Development Interests, and No Guarantee that Affordable Units Get Built by EMBARCADERO INSTITUTE

SB-592 Housing Accountability Act. Votes - California Legislative Information

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