Protect the future of Balboa Park

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Protect Balboa Park

Protecting the future of Balboa Park requires engagement and cooperation by all stakeholders, and we need leaders who can assist stakeholders in developing long-range plans.

What happened with Balboa Park under a prior City Council was exactly what San Diego cannot afford.  Mediation was in process and should have been allowed to run its course.

"But just as the parties appeared to be making progress, the City Council ignored the mediation and approved the original plan. At that, the mediation ended,” wrote mediator Cary Lowe in an op-ed for Voice of San Diego.

"The rest is history. SOHO sued and the parties waged a seesaw battle in the courts for the next several years. During that time, the project remained stalled and costs steadily escalated. Although the city and the Jacobs committee eventually prevailed on the legalities, political and economic realities effectively killed the project."

Too much time, money and resources were spent to just walk away without all parties exhausting every option.  As Mayor, I will work to build consensus, rather than resorting to political power plays.

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