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Public Safety

As a council member, I have worked hard to make sure that safety is the City’s top priority.​

That's why, last year, I pushed for increased compensation to boost recruitment for our overworked and understaffed police force.

But the work doesn't stop there.

Did you know that many SDPD officers can't even afford to live in the City they protect?

I could think of nothing more valuable to the morale of our officers and the security of our neighborhoods than making sure those who keep us safe sleep in beds next door, send their kids to the same schools as ours, and call the place they are sworn to protect "home."

We can't let public safety get caught in San Diego's political thicket.

That's why we should:

  • Expand Cadet programs that give our youth early exposure to public safety careers.
  • Recognize the Lifeguard Division for their year-around contribution to saving lives, instead of treating them as an afterthought.
  • Explore whether a Community Paramedics programs can bring efficient, effective, and timely healthcare and take some of the burden off our emergency resources.

I am laying out my vision on a number of issues we face as San Diegans.

But our safety will always come first.

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