We can't continue to let a multi-billion dollar industry take advantage of our City.

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Short Term Rentals

As Mayor, I will enforce our existing municipal code, which prohibits short term rentals in all residential zones.


We can't continue to let a multi-billion dollar industry take advantage of our City. While we talk about the rising costs of residential housing, we don't even have reliable data on how much of our housing supply is used for vacation rentals!

As we fight to preserve and protect the character of our communities and neighborhoods, we don't even have regulations to protect families from an onslaught of "mini-hotels" being run in otherwise quiet residential neighborhoods.

Economic studies show that, without regulation, the costs of short-term rentals to our City outweigh the benefits, increasing housing costs, reducing City tax revenues from tourism, circumventing zoning laws, and creating more income inequality, not less.


Bottom line—who do we value more? Our residents or the short-term vacation rental industry?

I will ALWAYS stand on the side of San Diego's residents.

While our current Mayor has failed to act, I've been pushing for reasonable regulations for more than two years. Working with stakeholders, I’ve proposed and will enact reasonable regulations that protect property owners’ rights along with the rights of residents in neighborhoods impacted by short-term rentals.

That is one reason I am running for Mayor.

I hope you join me.

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