Weekly Update: Budget, Police Reform, and Politics

June 13, 2020

This was a week I will always remember. The Budget for Fiscal Year 2021 is finalized. Here is what you need to know... 1. Many different voices and perspectives were at the table in the process of finalizing the budget, which started long before the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the tragic murder of George Floyd.

2. The budget is balanced despite a significant drop in tax revenue due to COVID-19, and the Federal stimulus fund of $248.5M will help us along the way to recovery.

3. The Police Department will have the resources to adequately provide the training and resources needed to ensure that EVERYONE in our communities is safe.

4. 101 Ash Street continues to cost the taxpayers $10M dollars a year, even though I tried everything I could to investigate and negotiate an extrication of the lease.

5. YOU can get activated NOW, by signing up to become a volunteer on my campaign for mayor.

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