Culture of corruption

September 13, 2019

From Sacramento to Washington DC, a culture of corruption has infected politics.

It’s not just Democrats or Republicans.

It’s a campaign finance system that permits politicians to funnel dark money through "legal" channels to circumvent campaign finance limits and rig the process.

The players know the game. They are good at it. But their “political games” are a direct threat to the quality of our representation.

Here's my commitment to San Diego voters:

  • I'll push for campaign finance reforms that put power back in the hands of voters instead of political insiders.
  • I’ll promote election reforms like the recently approved Measures K and L that strengthen voters’ voices at the ballot box.
  • I'll call out political games on both the left and the right, whenever I see them.

Homelessness. Electric scooters. Short-term vacation rental “mini-hotels.” Infrastructure improvements.  Sacramento’s attempts to pre-empt local land use decisions.  I’ve been leading the conversation for real solutions to a host of important issues facing San Diego.

Bry_On the Issues

But challenging the rules that allow politicians to get elected because they are good at the game, instead of being good at solving problems, is another conversation I’m ready to lead.

This is just another reason the political establishment is not happy with my campaign.

But I’m not running for Mayor of San Diego to represent them. I’m running to represent voters like you.

When we work together, we CAN put an end to the political games at City Hall and move our City forward.

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