He was the Mayor’s wingman

October 20, 2020

The Union Tribune just broke a story that I’ve been talking about for more than a year:

“The so-called double escrow meant Cisterra was more of a middleman. It allowed Faulconer to present the deal as a transaction between the city and Cisterra — and not with Shapery and Manchester.”

It’s time for the media to “connect the dots.”

  1. Todd Gloria knew taxpayers were spending at least $16 million more than the building was worth,
  2. Todd Gloria knew that Shapery and Manchester were the “real” sellers,
  3. Todd Gloria met with the City Officials to tour the building himself,
  4. Todd Gloria had an intense interest in how quickly the City could remove Manchester’s name from the building signage.

Yet, Todd Gloria enthusiastically supported the purchase, calling it a “great deal for taxpayers.”

The latest disclosure suggests:

  1. The lease is invalid, so there’s no need for a lawsuit,
  2. Lawsuits filed by the City Attorney and the Aguirre law firm are smokescreens designed to shield key documents from public disclosure, and
  3. The reason is clear, Todd Gloria and Mara Elliot were in on the deal and have conspired to cover it up.

We can’t have the instigators in charge of the investigation.

That’s why I’m calling for a complete and independent investigation of the 101 Ash Street scandal by state and federal authorities and immediate public release of all documents related to the transaction.

The political insiders who orchestrated this fleecing of the taxpayers are working together to stop me because they know I’ll open the door on backroom deal-making.

Please contribute $5, $25, $250, or even $1,150 today and think about, if I’m your Mayor, just how many of your tax dollars I can save you tomorrow.

Clean up the mess!

Let’s go!

Barbara Bry

Businesswoman. Leader. Empowerer.

2020 Mayoral Candidate | barbarabry.com

(619) 452-0522

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