Neighborhoods v. Corporate Interests

August 19, 2019

This election is not about scooters. It’s not about Airbnb. And it's not about YIMBY vs NIMBY.

It’s about who will stand up for San Diego residents against the corporate speculators seeking to take advantage of our city and our neighborhoods.

The reason "they" make so many contributions to Sacramento politicians and nonprofit organizations connected to Sacramento politicians is to buy influence and control over local decisions impacting their businesses.

They're not concerned about issues like housing affordability or transportation planning. They are concerned about securing windfall profits for their investors and shareholders.

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Candidates have to make a choice.

Are they with the neighborhoods? Or, are they with the corporate speculators?

I’ve made my choice.

From Nestor to Rancho Bernardo, I will work for San Diegans.

We need to challenge politics-as-usual. The strategy of some candidates is to cover up their ties to these speculators while at the same time promoting their political agendas, and when they get exposed, to take vague positions in an effort to straddle both sides of issues to avoid alienating voters.

So I am not misunderstood, here is what I mean by these terms:
  • They --  Corporate speculators who bankroll legislation blocking regulation of short-term vacation rentals, community development plans, scooter and bike rentals and other get-rich-quick schemes.
  • YIMBYs --  Front groups for corporate speculators seeking windfall profits from neighborhood re-zoning and transportation technologies.
  • Neighborhoods -- A place where real people live, defined by their diverse characters and residents.
  • Homes --  Spaces we rent or buy to make our sanctuaries.

The diverse neighborhoods and cultures of San Diego are one of the reasons our City is so special.

I will work for you -- not the corporate speculators who distort the market, inflate prices and disrupt neighborhoods.

The best way to understand what’s happening is to follow the money.  Look at where corporate speculators are funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions to support their enablers.

Let's get to work!

Barbara Bry
Candidate for Mayor of San Diego

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