We’re in second place

March 16, 2020
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May your family, friends, and loved ones be safe and secure during these tumultuous times. If you haven’t already, you can find the latest updates and information on the coronavirus from the County of San Diego at: http://www.coronavirus-sd.com/

As it relates to the election, I am pleased to let you know that as of 5 pm today, we passed Scott Sherman and now have a narrow lead.

  • Barbara Bry: 77,766
  • Scott Sherman: 77,757

There are still a few uncounted provisional ballots in the city of San Diego, but most have now been counted.

Whatever the outcome of the election, there is nothing more powerful than the spirit of a community coming together, the love that comes from looking out for each other, and the power of positive thinking that ensures that we will come out of this stronger than we went in.

Stay tuned. Stay safe. And please continue to follow the necessary safety precautions.

Let’s go!

Barbara Bry
Candidate for Mayor of San Diego

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