Why we support Barbara Bry for Mayor

“Two of the more important issues affecting San Diego are education and the environment, and Barbara is at the forefront of both them. She was one of the very first proponents for the creation of the SDSU West campus. She’s an innovator, a big thinker and a job creator – exactly what San Diego needs.”

Peter Andersen

Local Environmental Advocate

“Barbara’s career accomplishments in economic, legislative, educational and cultural arenas have already moved our City forward. She’s been at the forefront of bringing the innovation economy and its high paying jobs to San Diego and was the only Council member to actively support the SDSU West ballot initiative. She’s got the courage to resist special interest pressures, instead prioritizing expanding higher education and career opportunities for San Diegans from all communities.”

Robert Freund

Education Advocate & Business Leader

"Barbara Bry consistently prioritizes the people of San Diego ahead of political allegiances and is the strongest advocate for ensuring that all San Diegans benefit equally from the resources and services provided by the City. Barbara wants San Diego to be a City of Opportunity and believes that a clean, safe and prosperous San Diego is within our reach and I believe she is the only candidate for Mayor that can make moves us forward to make it a reality."

Sunday Gover

Mother, Gun Safety, Affordable Healthcare and Education Advocate

"Barbara is motivated by one thing and one thing only – what’s right for San Diego!”

Geneviéve Jones-Wright, Esq.

Criminal Justice Reform Advocate

“Barbara walks the talk and she does that by her actions and her integrity and by showing up each and every day for ALL of the people of San Diego. I’ve seen her up close and in action and that’s why I know she is the right person to be the next mayor of San Diego.”

Ellen Nash

Community Volunteer

“Nothing says Barbara like creator, she did that with Athena and Run Women Run and today those are the top women empowerment groups in San Diego. If we want businesses to come to San Diego and prosper and create new job growth, we need a proven job creator and that’s Barbara Bry”

Holly Smithson

San Diego Technology Leader

“I’ve watched Barbara’s career take her into politics. She cares about doing what’s right for San Diego and doesn’t care about the status quo or the establishment. Politics as usual doesn’t work for her, and that’s why she’s the right choice for my hometown.”

Richard Ybarra

San Diego Latino Community Leader

"Not all San Diegans have the same struggles, but all deserve the same resources, support, and access to opportunity – that is why I am supporting Barbara Bry for Mayor. She is a longtime advocate for ensuring that the underserved communities get what they need and deserve! Electing Bry to the office means having a Mayor for all of San Diego. Plus I know of no bigger lover of the arts community. She knows that San Diego must be a city that values recreation, art, and culture in order to thrive and grow."

Peter Cooper

Arts patron and LGBT Activist

“San Diego needs a mayor who has the experience to run a major city and the courage to do the right thing. I know from personal experience that Barbara Bry will stand up and fight for what’s right, not the most politically expedient.”

Mike Levin


“Barbara Bry is one of the very few public servants who has created products and services that result in the employment of many. She is the rare case of someone who understands the role of government and business in working together to do what’s right for a community’s citizens, not just for the moment, but for decades to come.”

Stan Sewitch

Global Organization Development, Business Leader

A long-term commitment to San Diego

I will bring leadership that puts solutions for San Diegans first, prioritizes fiscal discipline, stands up to the special interests, treats all residents and communities fairly, and creates comprehensive solutions to long-standing problems.

Why I'm Running


We’re all in this together.  Are you interested in making real the promise of a just and fair community for all San Diegans?

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