Budget, Police Reform, and Politics

June 9, 2020

On Monday, after nearly 11 hours of public testimony, I voted against de-funding the Police Department.

Long before it became politically convenient, I supported an independent police review commission.

Long before it became politically convenient, I supported Shirley Weber’s bill to reform police use-of-force policies.

And, as soon as she proposed it, I supported Monica Montgomery’s Office of Race and Equity, to help heal race relations.

I voted against de-funding the Police Department because, beyond the terrible and sometimes racist acts that dominate the political headlines of the day, I recognize the extraordinarily important, often dangerous, and too often thankless job that those wearing a badge must perform to keep our communities safe.

Read my Public Statement

Instead of arbitrarily cutting the Police Department budget, we need to reform, re-imagine, and re-invest in community-based public safety. I have and will continue to help move us in that direction. But gutting the Police Department is not the way to do it.

That may not win me support from some activists, but if they listen to me as I will always listen to them, I hope they understand that I’m running for Mayor to solve problems, not to exploit the political issue-of-the-day.

Let's go!

Barbara Bry
Candidate for Mayor of San Diego

PS: Update on last week’s email on housing (Gloria - AB3234). The bill status is now “inactive.” More to come.



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