On Racial Justice: Here’s my question for Todd Gloria...

June 9, 2020

Why are you, only now, proposing legislation to ban the carotid restraint?

  • 8 years on council. Nothing.
  • Almost 4 years in the legislature. Nothing.
  • Support for Shirley Weber’s use of force bill? Only after it was watered down to satisfy police unions.
  • Support for an independent police review commission? Birds chirping until last week when it became politically correct.

I don’t expect to agree with everyone all the time, including the police union. But I will not exploit the issues-of-the-day for political gain.That’s why I supported an independent police review commission from the start.

That’s why I supported Shirley Weber’s original use of force bill before it was watered down.

And for the record, that’s why I voted against de-funding the Police Department. Because I truly believe we need to reform, re-imagine, and re-invest in community-based public safety.

But beyond the terrible and often racist acts that dominate the political headlines of the day, I recognize the extraordinarily important, often dangerous, and too often thankless job that those wearing a badge must perform to keep our communities safe.

That may not win me support from some activists, but if they listen to me, as I will always listen to them, I hope they understand that I’m running for Mayor to solve problems, not to play politics.



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