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Economy & Jobs

I’ve taken companies from an idea to multi-million dollar operations that employ hundreds of workers.

It takes relentless determination. It takes managerial foresight. And it requires getting to work.

San Diego has suffered from political stagnation. Pontificating politicians telling you what you want to hear. But nothing actually gets done.

I’m not interested in building a political career.

I’m not afraid of making tough decisions. I will work every day to create a City administration that clears the way for our entrepreneurs and our innovators to do what they do best: get to work.

San Diego should be a “City of Opportunity” in which people of all income levels can lead productive, prosperous lives. I embrace the Innovation Economy – the idea that knowledge, entrepreneurship, innovation, technology, and collaboration will fuel future economic growth throughout the entire city.

By promoting access to opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) fields in every neighborhood of our city, we can be home to good-paying jobs, a healthy local economy and an unmatched quality of life.

And with my dedication to fiscal responsibility, that healthy economy can support quality municipal services and facilities for generations to come.

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