Turning Horton Plaza into a Tech Hub

April 30, 2019

Top priorities for our next Mayor should include attracting companies that provide good-paying jobs to keep our local economy strong and fostering an environment that facilitates “home-grown” business successes.

San Diego UT: Horton Plaza owner gets initial OK for Tech Campus

My work with UCSD CONNECT and as a high-tech entrepreneur gave me insight into what it takes to grow, attract and retain these types of employers.

The recent proposal by Stockdale Partners to redevelop downtown’s Horton Plaza into a modern tech campus gives the City an excellent opportunity to do just that.

One of the reasons Stockdale and their potential tenants are so excited about this location is that many of the workers they seek to attract prefer a more urban living/working environment.

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Downtown San Diego

Stockdale plans to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in redeveloping the 10-block property, including 772,000 square feet of tech-compatible office space and approximately 300,000 square feet of ground-floor retail, to create a modern tech campus right in the middle of downtown.

And they plan to make these investments without any of the subsidies other cities frequently offer to attract high-value employers.

That’s good news for San Diego taxpayers, for our economy, for downtown, and for companies – whether already established or start-ups – seeking to make San Diego their home.

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