The Bad News, the Good News and the Sad News

September 1, 2020

First the bad news:

Yesterday, Todd Gloria voted in favor of SB1120 in the Assembly, which would allow corporate speculators to convert any single-family home into an 8-unit apartment complex. Just imagine which neighborhoods would be impacted first!

Then, the good news:

SB1120 died on the Senate floor without a vote!

And finally, the really sad news:

While acknowledging a looming catastrophe with renters facing financial ruin when the state eviction moratorium expires, state legislators chose to kick the can farther down the road with SB3088, rather than address the underlying problem – rapidly accumulating past due rent and mortgage payments with no plan for providing relief.

Chip In to Protect Our Neighborhoods!

In the midst of a health and economic crisis, we need a Mayor now more than ever who understands how business, economics, and the real world works.

With just 35 days until the first ballots are mailed, please volunteer, contribute, or tell your friends: Let’s clean up the mess at City Hall and protect our neighborhoods!


Barbara Bry
Candidate for Mayor of San Diego


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