San Diego Homes and Apartments are Being Turned into Hotels

September 5, 2019

I was proud to speak at a news press conference alongside Save San Diego Neighborhoods on Thursday to bring attention to the latest corporate scheme to turn homes into "mini-hotels."

This time, it's an entire apartment complex!

The City administration's reluctance to enforce the laws against "mini-hotels" has now taken at least 16,000 residential units off the market. This destroys residential neighborhoods and decreases the housing supply for everyone.  

That is the dirty secret the corporate speculators behind these "mini-hotel" companies and the politicians they support don't want you to know.

San Diego's housing shortage is a man-made crisis created by politicians unwilling to do their jobs by enforcing San Diego zoning and regulations. Building more housing without addressing the impact of short-term-rentals is one big reason rents and home prices are skyrocketing.

This is just another example of corporate speculators robbing our residents of much-needed housing units for renters and homeowners.

As Mayor, I will work for you -- not the corporate speculators who distort the market, inflate prices and disrupt neighborhoods.

I will make sure the law is enforced!

The best way to understand what’s happening is to follow the money. What I can assure you is they aren't going to be funding my campaign.

Barbara Bry
Candidate for Mayor of San Diego

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