Barbara Bry
City Council President Pro Tem
Todd Gloria

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Barbara Bry
Todd Gloria

University of Pennsylvania

  • Master’s Degree, Secondary Education
  • Bachelor’s Degree, Sociology

Harvard University

  • Master’s Degree, Business Administration

University of San Diego 

  • Bachelor’s Degree, History and Political Science
Work Experience


  • COO of Blackbird Ventures
  • CEO/Editor in Chief of Voice of San Diego
  • Chief Marketing Officer of TEC International (Vistage)
  • Co-founder of ATCOM/INFO

Nonprofit Leadership

  • Founder of Athena San Diego
  • Founder of Run Women Run
  • Board Member, Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest
  • President, The Children’s Museum of San Diego


  • San Diego Union-Tribune
  • The Los Angeles Times
  • The Sacramento Bee

Volunteer Work

  • San Diego Democratic Party
  • San Diego Health and Human Services
  • San Diego Housing Commission
  • Mid-City Prostitution Impact Panel

Staff for 53rd Congressional District

  • District Director
  • U.S. Congressional Aide
Elected Experience

Elected Offices

  • San Diego City Councilmember

Elected Offices

  • San Diego City Councilmember
  • California State Assemblymember
  • Will focus resources on the root causes of homelessness, including mental health and drug issues
  • Wants to end the cycle of ineffective homelessness “solutions” at City Hall
  • Said he would “end homelessness downtown” in 4 years in 2012, while serving on City Council
  • Wants to continue the same business-as-usual approach to homelessness
  • Led the effort to establish regulations for scooters
  • Called on the Mayor to impose a moratorium until effective regulations are put in place and enforced
  • Opposes the commercialization of Balboa Park 
  • Supports maintenance, restoration and preservation, in line with the founders' original vision
  • Supported the development and construction of a multi-story paid parking structure and elevated off-ramp from Laurel Street Bridge that would have destroyed our park’s character
  • Wrote ordinance to rein in short-term vacation rental companies like Airbnb which are illegally operating in San Diego neighborhoods
  • Publicly called on the Mayor and City Attorney to enforce zoning regulations
  • Opposed regulation of short-term vacation rentals while serving on City Council
  • Opposed a bill regulating STVRs while serving in Sacramento, saying STVRs should be regulated at the local level
  • Defended local control of land-use and planning
  • Supports collaborative planning and reducing red tape to speed construction of new housing
  • Supported legislation (including SB330) that shifts control of development decisions from local government to Sacramento politicians.

Why I'm Running for Mayor

I will bring leadership that puts solutions for San Diegans first, prioritizes fiscal discipline, stands up to the special interests, treats all residents and communities fairly, and creates comprehensive solutions to long-standing problems.

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