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If you have driven downtown or tried to take a peaceful walk on the boardwalk lately, you’ve probably experienced San Diego’s newest accident avoidance adventure.

But the reality of our “micro-mobility” situation is not a game.

Our hospitals are reporting more serious injuries – both to riders and pedestrians. Limited parking spaces and disabled access ramps are being blocked. And our City has no idea how many scooters there are, whether they are being properly maintained, or how many people have been injured!

Don’t get me wrong. Dockless scooters can bring benefits to the community. They can even help provide low-cost last-mile transportation to some of the San Diego communities that need it the most.

The problem is, City administration has not taken regulation seriously.

Like other technical innovations – from short-term vacation rentals to ride-sharing services, City government has been slow to respond to the challenges these innovations create.

In fact, industry lobbyists successfully appealed to Sacramento legislators to take away our local right to enforce reasonable safety requirements for scooters!

I’ve led the effort to protect public health and safety, even though it has upset some industry advocates.

Our primary obligation is to protect the public.

That’s why I have fought for:

  1. A prohibition on use of electric scooters in high-traffic pedestrian areas, on sidewalks and on boardwalks,
  2. Local control of helmet regulations,
  3. Maintenance and removal requirements and fines for unsafe or illegally parked scooters,
  4. Up-to-date data reporting on the quantity and distribution of scooters around the City,
  5. Equitable access to scooters for the communities that could benefit the most, and
  6. Reasonable fees that can be invested in education, enforcement and infrastructure.

Like many issues in San Diego, the political players say they are “working on it.”

I’m running for Mayor to get things done.

I hope you join me.

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