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The City has WASTED $18,000 per day for the last 4 years in taxpayer dollars on the ill-advised lease-to-own of the vacant 101 Ash Street building, approved before I even joined the council.

After the Mayor reported remodeling of the 101 Ash Street property was “on-time and on budget,” it was shut down due to asbestos contamination.

Cost to taxpayers:

  • Purchased at a price of more than $127 million over 20 years
  • $20 million+ in cost overruns for tenant improvements
  • $18,000 in lease-to-own rent paid EVERY DAY since 2016 while the building is vacant!
  • And potentially MILLIONS of dollars defending lawsuits

But, who the heck was doing the due-diligence on this deal?


Todd Gloria made the motion to purchase it, putting this massive liability onto the taxpayers. Now HE wants to run the City???

That’s why I’m calling for an independent audit on Ash Street now!

Now he’ll do what too many politicians do: Walk away from bad decisions and ignore the consequences.

In addition, the Mayor’s budget outlook projects four straight years of deficits and relies on one-time revenue resources to balance these budgets. He inherited a balanced budget in 2013, but despite the good economy, his legacy will leave behind a structural deficit!

These and other cover-ups have contributed to the financial straits now faced by our city. In response, I am making a pledge to ALL San Diegans:

Bry_Audit Ash Street
“I will continue to demand transparency and honesty. Once the cover-ups have been exposed and we know definitively what the City spends and where it spends it, I’m prepared to make the tough and even unpopular decisions required to serve our citizens, become an employer of choice, and restore financial stability and accountability.”

And that’s why I’m the ONLY candidate with the independence and experience to clean up this mess at City Hall and protect our neighborhoods.

Let’s be clear: City Hall is a mess, wasting hard-earned tax dollars every day.

As Mayor, I will never let this happen on my watch!











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