What makes San Diego special is our neighborhoods.

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Protect Neighborhoods

One thing we should all agree on: Sacramento shouldn’t tell San Diegans how to live.

Barrio Logan, North Park, Mission Valley, Ocean Beach, Carmel Valley, and the list goes on. Each of these neighborhoods is full of history, character, and a unique community character that, together, make us a diverse and special City.

My first priority will always be to keep every community safe and healthy.


And I will always recognize, protect, and respect the rights of our communities to resist inappropriate development.

Our obligation to invest in parks, streets, libraries, public safety, and fire stations.

Our duty to clean streets, storm drains and canyons.

Our need for top-quality police, fire, lifeguard and paramedic services.

Our opportunity for better transportation options so there are convenient alternatives to automobile use.

And our job to protect neighborhoods from incompatible uses – like mini-hotel short-term rentals – that undermine quality of life for residents and reduce housing stock for our children.

My opponent’s “solution” to the affordable housing problem is to support Sacramento's “YIMBY” movement (Yes In My Backyard). He and his YIMBY allies want to transfer power and control over the future of your home and our neighborhoods to Sacramento politicians, high-rise developers and greedy Silicon Valley speculators.

I disagree.

I will preserve every San Diego neighborhood’s right to protect the future of their home and their neighborhood by keeping local planning local.
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