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October 29, 2020

I’m not surprised that Todd Gloria’s special interest supporters are still sending mailers to Democrats calling me a "Trump" Republican and, to Republicans, calling me a progressive Democrat.

I’m not even surprised that they designed the mailers in a way that would cause the recipient to believe the mailer was sent by my own campaign.

These are the same people who don’t want you to know why your tax dollars were wasted on 101 Ash Street, on empty and failed promises to fix homelessness, or how they tried to sabotage SDSU West while pretending to support it.

But there are enough San Diegans who are doing their homework.

They know that as a single mother, I’ve been a successful tech entrepreneur, and I’ve empowered hundreds of women to break through their own glass ceilings.

And even the Union Tribune knows that I will bring more accountability, transparency, and managerial experience to the Mayor’s office.

So if you are sick and tired of politicians and their special interests who are so fixated on winning a “political game” that they will pretend to be someone they are not, we have 5 days to let San Diegans know the truth!


Please contribute $10, $100, or $500 RIGHT NOW to make sure voters know the truth about who I am and who is sending them these deceitful mailers!

I am Barbara Bry. I’m a problem solver. And, together, we can clean up the mess at City Hall!

Barbara Bry

Businesswoman. Leader. Empowerer.

2020 Mayoral Candidate | barbarabry.com

(619) 452-0522

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