It's time for a more effective and human approach to homelessness.

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The City’s management of the homeless issue is not just ineffective, it’s inhumane.

As a member of the City Council, one of my opponents let a Hep A crisis breakout. He allowed our sidewalks to turn into tent-cities.

This is not sustainable. This is not humane. And it’s not going to continue on my watch.

Housing is only one part of dealing with the cause and continuation of homelessness.

That's why we need to connect the benefits of mental health access, drug rehabilitation services, and job placement programs to cure the human side of homelessness and reduce long-term costs on the taxpayer by turning people who may feel hopeless today into productive members of our society.

The city has wasted millions on short-term fixes without a plan for comprehensive solutions or any effective mechanism for tracking results.

I will develop a comprehensive data-driven plan that brings together all our regional resources and enables the public to hold us accountable for results.
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