Let me count the ways

February 25, 2020

I’ve been on the City Council for just three years.

One thing I’ve learned? Political insiders don’t like it when you ask questions.

Let me count the ways I’ve confronted the politics-as-usual culture that has cost taxpayers millions, and prevents this City from reaching its incredible potential:

  1. 101 Ash Street: In making the motions to purchase the $127 million building, my opponents didn’t even think to include an indemnity clause in the contract! I was the first council member to demand an audit, so city administration can be held accountable and we can develop a plan to get out of this mess.
  2. Homelessness: There’s a reason Father Joe endorsed me. Both my opponents still support a Housing First approach that has been a costly failure. Homelessness is a humanitarian issue. Treat the root causes first!
  3. Protecting Neighborhoods: Sacramento politicians, and the investors behind them, keep trying to end single-family zoning and take away local control of their neighborhoods. I’m the only candidate willing to stand up to them.
  4. Short Term Rentals: Thousands of existing short-term vacation rentals are illegal under current zoning laws. I’m the only candidate not supported by the short-term rental industry and with the common sense to demand we enforce the law.
  5. SoccerCity: While “negotiating” with the Chargers, the Mayor had cut a secret deal with FS investors for a SoccerCity land grab. I was the first councilmember to call them out and now, I’m working to make sure the city follows through on the voters’ approval of SDSU West.
  6. Scooters: Both my opponents are supported by the big investors behind the electric scooter fad. I’m the only candidate who stood up for reasonable regulations and called on Todd Gloria to repeal his law that prevents the City from enforcing helmet laws.
  7. AB5: Employment laws should work for all of us. But AB5, co-sponsored by one of my opponents, threatens the livelihood of thousands of local workers. That's why I called on the legislature to repeal AB5.
  8. Water Meters: I was the only member of the council to take residents’ complaints seriously and demand the Water Department accurately read the meters.

Finally, both of my opponents are supported by hundreds of thousands of dollars from political parties and special interests.

I’m supported by people like you.

That is why I’m the only candidate with the independence and leadership to clean up the mess at City Hall and protect our neighborhoods!

Let’s get to work!

Barbara Bry
Candidate for Mayor of San Diego


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