Business-as-usual has brought San Diego a housing shortage. It is time for action.

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Land Use

Significant delays in permit processing, and controversy over virtually every significant development-related decision has contributed to San Diego's housing crisis.

This will not continue on my watch.

I've offered a detailed policy plan, addressing an issue that affects the livelihood, neighborhood, and pocketbook of every San Diego resident.

As your Mayor, I will help reinvigorate a sustainable housing market by:

  • Promoting collaborative planning and slashing regulatory conflicts and redundancy.
  • Streamlining the project review process to increase efficiency.
  • Protecting our neighborhoods through development policy and infrastructure investments that respect the character of our individual communities.

In short, I'll  stop the City from lurching from one bad decision to the next!  

I was the first elected official to oppose the SoccerCity land grab. I've led the fight against Airbnb's disruption of our neighborhoods.

Read Barbara's Full Policy Plan

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