Sacramento politicians are preempting local control over land use

June 24, 2019

I was very disappointed by my opponent’s vote to approve SB 330.

SB 330 would void local restrictions on density, land use, zoning, and design standards and give Sacramento politicians control of local land use decisions!

This issue highlights a big difference between me and my opponent.

California Senate Bill 330 is the Evil Twin of Tabled SB 50

He's representing lobbyists and other Sacramento insiders. I'm standing up for San Diegans.

Last year, my opponent supported the current Mayor's plan to authorize the construction of high-rise apartments, without parking and without community input, in residential neighborhoods.

SB 330 is even worse!

We need a Mayor who represents the neighborhoods of San Diego, not Sacramento special interests.

I understand the corporate interests backing the “Yes In My Back Yard” movement. That’s why many insiders refer to that group as “Wall Street In My Backyard.”

I told the YIMBY’s that I would not even seek their endorsement because of their support for Sacramento intrusion into local planning. My opponent now wears their endorsement as a badge of honor.

I am committed to aggressively confronting our housing crisis. I have and will:

  1. Promote collaborative planning and slash unnecessary red tape and redundancy in the permitting process.
  2. Streamline the project review process to increase efficiency.
  3. Protect our neighborhoods through development policy and infrastructure investments that respect the unique character of every neighborhood.

I oppose the YIMBY plan to take away local control over neighborhood land use decisions -- to build high rise apartments in residential neighborhoods. This will not make housing more affordable or neighborhoods more livable.

As Mayor, I will bring my experience and knowledge as a tech entrepreneur to carve a different path.

I hope you join me to protect San Diego neighborhoods and reject Sacramento takeover of local land use decisions.

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