From Scooters, to Balboa Park, to Homeless, to Housing…

May 23, 2019

Let's be honest. We need a Mayor who will put the interests and safety of San Diegans first.

What does that mean?

On the Out-of-Control Scooters

We have a right to feel safe on our streets and sidewalks. We’ve seen the threat of out-of-control scooters to public safety.

What you might not see is the millions of dollars in liability claims being shifted from scooter industry investors to San Diego taxpayers.

Sacramento politicians’ solution: Legislation exempting the scooter industry from local helmet requirements!

My opponent’s solution: He actually CO-AUTHORED the legislation to exempt the scooter industry from helmet requirements!

My solution:

  • Get the scooters under control.
  • Regulate speeds.
  • Enact reasonable safety requirements.
  • Make dockless scooter companies assume 100% of liability.

And, if state legislators block meaningful local regulations, we must be willing to enact a moratorium until the dockless scooter industry matures sufficiently to assure public safety.

Some politicians may be willing to put residents at risk for injury and taxpayers at risk for liability. Not me.

As Mayor, I will not allow our streets and sidewalks to be part of a “beta test” for an unproven business model that may not even be in existence in five years.



On Balboa Park Neglect

Balboa Park is a national treasure. As a City Councilmember, my opponent presided over a period of neglect, wheel spinning and high-profile embarrassments that have left Balboa Park in serious need of attention.

In my short time on the Council, I have witnessed the pattern of political gamesmanship that substitutes for leadership at City Hall. Balboa Park, like so much else at the City, is in need of solid, non-political management.

Balboa Park is critical to our identity as a city. Neglect is not an option.


On Dealing with Homelessness

In 2012, while he represented downtown San Diego on the City Council, my opponent said he would "end homelessness in Downtown in the next four years."

We all know that did not happen. In fact, the problem has gotten worse.

We need more permanent supportive housing for the homeless. But there are over 5,000 unsheltered homeless in San Diego. We can't simply spend our way out of the problem by building homes. We need to address the conditions that create homelessness in the first place.

Homelessness is not simply a housing problem. It’s also a mental health problem and a substance abuse problem and an income disparity problem.  Simply placing troubled folks in a home, or a room, does not solve their problems.Stop the revolving door of homelessness. The State, the County and the City must all be part of a comprehensive plan involving public health, law enforcement, and job training and placement programs that focus on the causes of homelessness.  

If Sacramento politicians want to help, they can provide additional financial support for comprehensive local solutions.


We need to end the cycle of career politicians who are afraid to tell you the truth about our City's problems.

I may not agree with you on every issue. But I will treat you like an adult by engaging in a real conversation, not political talking points.

I will let you know where I stand.

By having a truthful conversation, we can build a consensus that will make a real and positive impact on San Diego.


Let's go!

Barbara Bry
Candidate for Mayor of San Diego

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