How do you spell hypocrisy?

September 21, 2020

Misleading advertising by Todd Gloria’s campaign is telling Republicans that Barbara is a progressive, and telling Democrats she is a conservative.

The Municipal Employees Association, the cheerleader for the 101 Ash Street scandal, has just put an unprecedented $250,000 into a dark money PAC to support Todd Gloria and attack Barbara’s candidacy.

Another $50,000 was contributed by  a retired city employee receiving a lifetime $240,000 per year pension. Another $200,000 came from the San Diego Chamber of Commerce, even though the California Chamber of Commerce ranks Todd Gloria DEAD LAST on their own rankings list.

Another $40,000 came from the short-term vacation rental industry, while our municipal code goes unenforced.

Another $75,000 came from a statewide PAC funded by corporations including Walmart, Wells Fargo, Chevron, PG&E, insurance companies, and big pharma.

See for Yourself!

Let’s get serious: What do they really want?

They could care less about the future of our city.  They just want a mayor who will protect their interests.  And in Todd Gloria, that’s exactly what they will get.

Here are some of my responses to Todd’s baseless attacks:

  1. Dear Todd #1: Are you really blaming ME for Ash Street?
  2. Dear Todd #2: What is a “real” Democrat?
  3. Dear Todd #3: Your most recent attack is bizarre

In the primary, my opponent:

  1. Funneled $300,000+ of PAC and corporate contributions through a bogus committee for an Assembly seat he’s not running for,
  2. Laundered $100,000+ of corporate, PAC, and Assembly Committee funds through a political party,

Now, in response to our powerful and truthful commercial, funded by the 2,500+ individuals who have donated to my campaign and are subject to strict campaign limitations:

  1. Todd Gloria’s special interest supporters (including over $100,000 from public employee unions, $125,000 from another large labor union, and $100,000 from two developers behind the controversial Del Mar development) are spending $300,000+ on attack ads, and
  2. Todd Gloria just sent a phony fundraising pitch saying that our campaign is being dishonest and are funded by developers. Talk about hypocrisy!
  3. More about WHY they are attacking me HERE.

You can’t make this stuff up!


The actual City Council footage proving the truth of our ad can be seen HERE.

The phony fundraising pitch from Todd Gloria can be seen below.

Can you, a friend, family member, or anyone you know that is ready for independent leadership at City Hall contribute RIGHT NOW to make sure we can fight back against the baseless and hypocritical attacks!?

The good news?

The politics-as-usual crowd wouldn’t be attacking me if they weren’t scared ... that means the hypocrites are on the run.

They know the voters are ready for a strong and independent woman to clean up their messes at City Hall.

Let's go!

Barbara Bry
Candidate for Mayor of San Diego

All of Who?

View all donors to the committee HERE.

My Ad: The Choice for Change

HERE is the City Council vote

Here’s Todd’s Fundraising Email:

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