Government Transparency

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When politics happens in the backroom, guess who never gets a seat at the table.

The voters.

My experience in business and journalism taught me that trust in institutions depends on transparency in decision-making.

We may not always agree, but you will always know where I stand on an issue … and why.

Some elected officials actually pushed for state legislation that would limit the public’s right to know what’s really going on at City Hall.

I led the charge on a transparency ballot measure that requires private companies to disclose their owners, so the city knows who it’s doing business with. It passed overwhelmingly in November 2018.

That’s why I don’t expect endorsements from those elected officials to be flooding my way.

My job is to represent voters, not politicians.

Like I did with SoccerCity, I will shine a light on deals that are hatched without public input.

Let’s be clear: City resources are taxpayer resources.

And I will defend them vigorously.

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