Respect the Voters

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In 2016, San Diego voters passed Measure L with 66% of the vote.

Measure L said that initiatives should be placed on general election ballots, not primary or special election ballots.

The message was clear: important decisions should be made when the most people participate. That is in the general election when the public and media are paying attention … and voter turnout is often TWICE as high than in most primary elections.

My opponent claimed to support Measure L in 2016.

But just a few years later, he asked the City Council to put an important ballot measure on the March primary ballot.

I’m not picking on my opponent. It’s hard for politicians to uphold their campaign promises when the political game gets in the way.

But I’m not in this to build a political career, so I’m not playing that game.

That’s why I won’t tell voters one thing, and do another. Especially when it comes to the right to vote.

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